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  • Employee Profile – Barb Bove

    Barb has been an employee at Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center for 12 years! She is the main receptionist and therefore the person most clients identify with our front desk. Barb arrives at the hospital, usually before anyone else, to prepare for the day. She answers our busy phones throughout her shift, making appointments, answering questions, and checking on our patient's progress. She greets our clients ...

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  • Shyla Surgery Pictures


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  • Nexgard now available at Briarcrest

    Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center recommends routine tick and flea control for our patients.  Frontline is the product we have recommended for many years due to its ease of use and effectiveness. Many of our clients purchase Frontline from our pharmacy. Merial, the company that makes Frontline now has a new tick and flea product for dogs only. Nexgard is a monthly, oral, chewable, product similar ...

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  • Meet Shyla

    Shyla presented to Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center on 6/12/14 at 10 weeks of age. She was one of a litter of Labrador Retriever puppies. The owner of the puppies had noticed that this puppy was not developing like the other puppies and took her to a veterinarian in Phoenix.  The veterinarian diagnosed her with a cleft palette. The owners relinquished her to Desert Labrador Retriever ...

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  • Toad Poisoning!!

    Monsoon season brings out desert toads. The Sonoran Desert Toad ( Bufo Alvarius) is poisonous to dogs! Follow this link for information concerning this toad and what to do if your dog encounters one. Toad Poisoning    

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  • The Cost of Veterinary Care

           The Cost of Veterinary Medicine Do you feel like veterinary medical care is expensive? You’re correct if you think that the cost of excellent veterinary care, like most things, has risen over time. But when you compare the cost of a veterinary medical procedure or treatment, to a comparable one in human medicine, ...

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  • Dental Discount Extended Through March

    February was National Pet Dental Health Month and we celebrated by offering a 15 % discount to all pets who had a professional dental cleaning done at Briarcrest during the month. We are extending the discount through March 31! Oral disease is the most common health problem treated in small animal veterinary clinics today. The build-up of bacteria in your pet’s mouth may cause ...

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  • Anesthesia at Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center

    Anesthesia for surgical or diagnostic procedures can be a cause for concern for many pet owners. Although anesthesia always carries a risk, recent studies have shown that with improved anesthetic protocols and monitoring that risk can be minimized. One retrospective study showed the risk of anesthetic death in dogs to be as low as 0.17% in dogs and 0.24% in cats. These values were found to be even lower in dogs and cats that were ...

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  • Common Household Toxins

    COMMON HOUSEHOLD TOXINS Many foods and other substances found around your home can be toxic to your pets.  Here is a list of some of the more common toxins to help you protect your pets.   Chocolate:  Can cause a range of symptoms depending on how much is ingested and the type of chocolate eaten.  Dark baker’s chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate.  Signs include vomiting ...

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  • Getting your cat to the vet: some useful tips

    There are currently over 74 million pet cats in the United States, compared to about 70 million pet dogs.  Despite an increased number of pet cats over dogs, fewer cats receive veterinary care annually than dogs. Last year, 45% of pet cats (over 33 million!) did not see a veterinarian (1). Annual examinations for cats are important both to update their vaccines ...

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