• On Line Store

    Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center has its own online store! Briarcrest's on line store is open! We have partnered with VetSource to bring this service to you. You can visit the store from any page on our web site by clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner. You will find items available to you such as food, flea and tick products, and other ...

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  • Holiday Gift Certificates

    Holiday Gift Idea Do you know someone that would like to have veterinary services at Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center for their pet? You can get them a gift certificate from Briarcrest in any amount! If they are a new client, you will receive a 10 dollar credit on your account. Also, the new client will receive a 10 dollar discount or a 10 percent discount on any services we provide at their first visit.  Merry Christmas ...

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  • Specialty Surgery Now Available

    Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center prides itself on offering advanced medicine and surgery such as ultrasound, endoscopy, orthopedics, etc. Go to advanced medicine and advanced surgery to learn more. There are times when we need to refer our patients to a specialist for certain things. Examples of this are complex surgeries and cancer treatments. We now have the ability to have a board certified surgical specialist come to Briarcrest to perform surgeries needing specialized equipment and expertise. Dr. ...

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  • Meet Shyla

    Shyla presented to Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center on 6/12/14 at 10 weeks of age. She was one of a litter of Labrador Retriever puppies. The owner of the puppies had noticed that this puppy was not developing like the other puppies and took her to a veterinarian in Phoenix.  The veterinarian diagnosed her with a cleft palette. The owners relinquished her to Desert Labrador Retriever ...

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  • Orthopedics at Briarcrest

    Here's a list of the orthopedics we performed at Briarcrest in 2012: Hip surgery to treat hip dysplasia Hip surgery to repair hip fratures Fracture repair of long bones-humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, etc. Knee ligament repair Corrective patella surgery Amputations for cancer

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  • Fracture!

    Unfortunately a dog was hit by a car and sustained a fracture of her tibial bone. Fortunately we were able to do surgery to fix it by using a stainless steel pin. The pin will remain in place until the bone is healed and then it will be removed. We expect a full recovery! Here are X-Rays of the fracture and the repair. Initial ...

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  • New Year Wishes!

    Happy New Year to all of our furry friends and their families. Thank you for being a part of our Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center team in 2012. Our doctors and staff want to extend their best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013. Don't forget annual wellness checks and dental exams to ensure your pet has a great year!

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