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Nexgard now available at Briarcrest

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Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center recommends routine tick and flea control for our patients.  Frontline is the product we have recommended for many years due to its ease of use and effectiveness. Many of our clients purchase Frontline from our pharmacy. Merial, the company that makes Frontline now has a new tick and flea product for dogs only. Nexgard is a monthly, oral, chewable, product similar to Heartgard. Nexgard is just as effective as Frontline in the control of ticks and fleas.



Advantages of Nexgard:

Soft, beef flavored, chewable (has no actual beef products so it can be given to beef allergy dogs)

Very rapid rate of kill (2 to 4 hours).

Does not enter the dogs tissues (remains in the blood stream).

Present in the dog’s blood in tiny amounts for one month.

Extensive toxicity tests have been done at 5 times the normal dose with no adverse reactions.

No more greasy residue or bathing restrictions.

We are now stocking Nexgard, which is only available with a prescription, in our pharmacy.


(for dog owners who still prefer Frontline and for cat owners, we will continue to stock Frontline in our pharmacy)

Follow this link to Merial’s information about Nexgard.                           Nexgard