Specialty Surgery Now Available

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Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center prides itself on offering advanced medicine and surgery such as ultrasound, endoscopy, orthopedics, etc. Go to advanced medicine and advanced surgery to learn more. There are times when we need to refer our patients to a specialist for certain things. Examples of this are complex surgeries and cancer treatments. We now have the ability to have a board certified surgical specialist come to Briarcrest to perform surgeries needing specialized equipment and expertise. Dr. Michael Singer is the owner of Catalina Veterinary Specialists. His mobile surgical practice allows us to bring him to Briarcrest when the situation requires it. Your pet’s care will still be under Briarcrest’s direction and we will provide all needed aftercare.  Go to Catalina Veterinary Specialists to learn more. We also have internal medicine and cardiology services available by specialists who can come to Briarcrest.