Preventative Care

  • Nexgard now available at Briarcrest

    Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center recommends routine tick and flea control for our patients.  Frontline is the product we have recommended for many years due to its ease of use and effectiveness. Many of our clients purchase Frontline from our pharmacy. Merial, the company that makes Frontline now has a new tick and flea product for dogs only. Nexgard is a monthly, oral, chewable, product similar ...

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  • Obesity in Pets

    Obesity – prevalence and health concerns The most recent studies have determined that as much as 40% of our pet population is currently overweight. (1) In one study, it was determined that pets maintaining an ideal body weight throughout life lived an average of 1.8 years longer than those that were overweight (2). Similarly to humans, obesity can predispose our dogs and cats to a variety of diseases including arthritis, ACL rupture, disk disease, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, heat ...

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  • Abnormal Liver Blood Tests

    We encourage all of our clients to have periodic blood tests run on their pets. Most of our clients participate in our healthscreen and wellness plans (see section of website "Wellness Plans" for details") which include important blood tests. Occasionally we see an elevation in a liver test called ALT. The following post explains what an ALT elevation means for your pet.  

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