Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs for Your Pets 

Puppy & Kitten Plans offer the newest member of your family a complete immunization program to cover the first six months of life. This plan includes physical exams, a fecal test and parasite check, and all necessary vaccines to get your puppy and kitten off to a healthy start in life! Your puppy’s first dose of heartworm, and flea and tick prevention is also included.




Health Screen is designed to keep your pet well by providing an annual exam and laboratory tests for your pet’s first six years. Pets up to age six and older are eligible to participate. All of your pet’s yearly immunizations are included at no charge.






Twice a Year for Life is a wellness profile intended to improve your pet’s quality of life and increase life span. It is designed specifically for mature pets ages seven years and older. The program enables us to track your pet’s health so when problems of aging occur, we can monitor your pet and diagnose potential life-threatening problems earlier when they can be more easily treated. The plan includes two wellness visits annually. The initial visit covers a physical exam, complete blood profile, urine and fecal screens, an eye pressure test, a chest x-ray, and an ECG. Immunizations are included at no charge. The second visit, six months later, includes a physical exam and additional blood tests to recheck for diabetes, and liver/kidney function.


All of these healthcare plans are provided at a fixed rate and are designed for your pet’s good health and your ease of mind.