• Advanced Veterinary Care

    We offer a full range of advanced excellent animal care with specialized diagnostic equipment for your pets needs.

  • Laser Therapy

    A noninvasive procedure that stimulates cells and increase blood circulation. At the correct laser wavelength, pain signals are reduced and nerve sensitivity decreases.

  • Advanced Surgical Procedures

    We offer advanced surgery to correct painful and debilitating conditions. We perform orthopedics as well as other complex surgical procedures.

  • Wellness Programs

    Twice a Year for Life is a wellness profile intended to improve your pet's quality of life and increase life span.

Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center

Compassionate care for your animal companion is the cornerstone of Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center. We are dedicated to providing a relaxed experience for you and your pet at every visit. Whether it's a routine check-up or an emergency treatment, our staff responds quickly to your pet's needs and takes the time to explain examinations and procedures clearly before any treatments are given.

Our standards are high because we understand how important your animal friend is to you - and nothing less than the best will do. Your pet is a devoted companion, and when you entrust that friendship to us, our staff takes the responsibility seriously.

The doctors and staff of Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center are dedicated to keeping your pet a healthy, active and vibrant part of your family. We accomplish this by delivering the latest wellness, diagnostic, and treatment options to your pet - for a lifetime - in a caring and loving atmosphere.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 520-298-4123.

We look forward to building a long relationship with you and your pet!